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Tile High Club: Fun and Easy DIYs


“One day I’m going to come home and you will have spray painted yourself gold.” – My Husband

He may not be far off. I mean, is there anything this stuff can’t do? I love taking old, forgotten or outdated objects and giving them new life with a coat of the good stuff. It’s such a fun and easy way to transform something that you may be tired of or getting rid of, and the best part is, it’s basically free! I know I always keep a can or two on hand. If gold isn’t your thing (then you’re crazy), you could totally do the same thing with silver, rose gold, or copper.

Today I’m sharing a couple fun and easy DIYs, both of which use a touch of gold spray paint, of course!

Fun DIYs for leftover Tile

After our basement remodel (detailed in a future post), we had a few floor tiles leftover, as well as a couple boxes of our backsplash tile. We had splurged a little on our tile choices since we were dealing with a small space rather than a full kitchen, so I couldn’t stand to let any of the tile go to waste! I came with up with a couple fun DIY’s to use up a little of our tile and add some cute details to our space.

Cocktail Tray


We bought both our floor and backsplash tile for the basement bar area from Tile Bar. The floor tile was the first thing we picked out, and basically drove the design for the entire space. You can find the floor tile here.

The individual floor tiles were fairly long, but we had one piece that the contractors had cut to fit and then discarded the rest. I thought it was the perfect size to use for a bar tray and would look great on our white quartz bar counter.

The edges of the tile were obviously unfinished and meant to be covered by grout, which didn’t work with my idea for a glam tray. Surprise! Gold spray paint! I used blue painters tape to tape off the top of the tile, flipped the tray upside down, and sprayed the side edges gold.


Since the tile is fairly thin, I wanted to find something to prop the tray up off the counter a bit, so it wasn’t laying flush against the countertop. We were still in the process of moving, so I searched our moving boxes looking for something I could use for “legs” on the tray. I finally found a couple super cheap 4×6 picture frames that would do the trick. These frames had been my husband’s back when he had a bachelor pad and was attempting to decorate his built-in bookshelves to impress his new girlfriend (me!).


The frames were white, but I wanted the tray to tie in with our gold cabinet hardware and fixtures. Gold spray paint to the rescue! I painted the frames gold and used liquid nails to attach them to the bottom of the tray. The frames ended up creating the perfect base because they cover a lot of area, and keep the tray totally level and not-wobbly.


Finally, I felt like the tray needed a little more detail to really make it look finished. I found a couple very affordable gold cabinet pulls on Amazon, and attached those to the top of the tray using liquid nails. I topped it off with a couple coordinating cocktail glasses and whiskey decanter we received off our Crate and Barrel wedding registry. I love how it turned out! Because the handles are only attached with glue, it’s probably not functional to carry around as a serving tray (besides the fact that everything could just slide off the edge) but I love how it looks sitting on our bar and displaying some of our pieces. I finished it off with this fun print from Once Upon a Try Etsy shop, in guess what, another picture frame that I spray painted gold!


Framed Backsplash Tile DIY

Our basement remodel included one guest room. Coming from a small 1920’s house, we didn’t have a ton of extra bedroom furniture, and all of a sudden needed to furnish four bedrooms. We were well past using up any extra wall décor we had, but I didn’t want the guest room to feel like an afterthought, and really wanted to get something up on the walls to make it feel more finished. We had several sheets of backsplash tile leftover, which again, I hated to let go to waste. I love the tile so much and thought it would look great up on the wall, and kind of help tie the whole basement space together. I told my husband the idea and he looked at me like I was crazy…framed tile? In a bedroom? Other than the frames, I had most of the supplies already on hand, so I figured if it didn’t work out, we weren’t out much.


I found a couple of affordable square frames at Ikea (tip: did you know that if you go into an Ikea store, they have a space after checkout where you can take your purchases and open up the boxes to make sure nothing is damaged? This is great on frames where the corners can get banged up or separated, and keeps you from having to return to the store later). We don’t have one of those crazy tile cutters laying around, but luckily, our contractors were still at our house, so I asked them to cut the tile down to size. Like a lot of backsplash tile, the individual tiles were all connected by a mesh backing. When you’re covering the spaces with grout, that’s great, but it wouldn’t look so good in a frame. I ended up peeling each individual tile off the backing and glued each one onto the back of the frame using liquid nails. Thinking there would be some space between the tiles, I sprayed the back of the frame gold. The gold shows up more in person than in the photos and adds a little touch of glam.


Here is what it looks like on the wall (sorry for the bad picture, I took these on my phone!):

There you have it –  a couple easy DIYs for your leftover tile. If you don’t have a bunch of leftover tile sitting around, you could just buy individual pieces at a Hardware store, or probably find affordable scraps or discontinued lines at a tile store.

I would love to hear about or see pictures of any tile (or spray paint) projects you’ve done! Happy decorating!


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