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Monday Roundup: Ikea Finds

Ikea. What a magical place. The Kansas City Ikea opened several years ago, but every time I go, it seems as busy as ever. While we have gradually phased out most of our Ikea furniture over the years, I still find it’s a great place to discover fun accessories that are totally affordable. I also love finding Ikea pieces that can be repurposed (or painted gold!). Given the massive number of Ikea hacks all of the internet, and even companies that are now totally dedicated to customizing Ikea furniture, I guess I’m not the only one.

We just got back from a long weekend in NYC today and on our way home from the airport we passed Ikea. I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick trip there this weekend, and maybe even sweet talk my husband into tagging along. Today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite Ikea finds. Some are oldies (but goodies) and others have been around a while. Enjoy!



1. Storage Tables: these would work great to hold blankets, pillows, etc. They would also be great to DIY customize with paint, handles, or other details.

2. Rocking Chair: I just love this, that is all.

3. Tray table: Another great piece that would easily customizable. I can see the tray painted gold (I might have to try that)!

Trays and Serving Pieces: 

Serving & Trays

  1. Bamboo Serving Bowl: White + wood = perfect combination. Love this for spring and summer entertaining.
  2. Wood Tray: Great in the kitchen or as a coffee table tray. Love the variation in color on this one.
  3. Gold candle tray: because you can never have too many gold trays.
  4. Wood cutting boards: This style of cutting board is all over the place right now, but I haven’t seen a better price. At a smaller size, this would like great paired with a larger board.
  5. Black wood serving bowl: wood + black = another great combo! Love the sleek black exterior with the natural wood inside the bowl.
  6. Wood tray/Choppin board: Love this for setting out a small charcuterie platter. This size would be perfect if you were just having a small group or one other couple over.

Storage and Accessories:

Storage and Accessories

  1. Glass dome: the perfect place to showcase your pretties – a paperweight, geode, plant or figurine.
  2. Woven baskets: love these for storing throw blankets. I plan to pick up one for the living room and another for one of our guest rooms!
  3. Storage basket trio: another great storage objects for smaller objects, cords and clutter. A great way to incorporate some natural textures and colors.
  4. Metal lamp shade: You can use this as a lamp shade or as it’s own ceiling fixture. Seems like this could inspire some fun DIY ideas!
  5. Gray throw blanket: Who does love a good throw blanket? This color is so versatile and I love the texture.
  6. Cactus figurines: So fun, right? And you can’t kill these! I think these would make some great shelfie decor!
  7. Lanterns: Hello patio season! I am a big fan of lanterns, but some of my favorites (looking at you, Restoration Hardware!) come with a big price tag. These are a great, unique shape and would add a fun touch and great mood lighting to any patio.
  8. Tabletop Lantern: (See above re: my love of lanterns). I can see this on a patio coffee or accent table, or even grouped with another size/shape of lantern, like the ones above. I love mixing sizes and textures, especially with items of the same color.
  9. Hanging basket: I’m not sure this would work in my house, indoors or out, but I’m just in love with these little tassels! I think this could be fun in a nursery or kids room to hold a plant or even toys!
  10. Herringbone throw: Love herringbone. Love throw blankets. Nothing else to say.

That’s it for today. Happy decorating!



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